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              Welcome Jiaozuo Changxin Technical Development of Radiation Protection Co., Ltd

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              X-ray meter

              X-ray meter

              ADDRESS:No. 3, Health Road, Jiefang District, Jiaozuo City, Henan Province


                The personal dosimeter is a smart pocket instrument. The personal dose alarm device is made with the latest powerful single-chip technology. Mainly used to monitor X-rays and gamma rays. Within the measurement range, various threshold alarm values can be arbitrarily set, and sound and light alarms are generated to prompt the staff to pay attention to safety. The personal dosimeter has a large memory and can store data for about one week. The main technology of the instrument conforms to national standards and international standards. It is a wearable pocket instrument with strong function, small size and low power consumption in domestic similar instruments. It is widely used in medical, nuclear military, nuclear submarines, nuclear power plants, industrial non-destructive testing, isotope applications and hospital cobalt treatment, occupational disease protection, radiation dose measurement of residents around nuclear power plants.

                main feature:

                ●Two functions: X/γ dose rate around the place (μSv/h), personal cumulative dose (μSv)

                ● The alarm threshold is continuously adjustable. Generally, it is set to 2.5μSv per day, not exceeding 50 mSv per year, and 2000 hours per year.

                The aim is to meet the needs of highly radioactive workers and reduce working hours.

                ● The data storage capacity is large, with 1500 hours of data storage capacity.

                ●The threshold is continuously adjustable, with threshold alarm function such as cumulative dose, dose rate, blocking, timeout, etc.

                ●Automatically record various data, power off or replace battery data without losing

                ● Displayable, cumulative dose, dose rate, working time, time and size of maximum dose rate, cumulative dose threshold, dose rate threshold, etc.

                ●High sensitivity, also respond to the environmental background, small size, simple operation, strong anti-electromagnetic interference

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