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              What are the sources of radiation in the work environment?

              TIME:2017-08-11 BROWSE:3101

                1. computer

                X-ray radiation from computer screens: This kind of radiation usually only needs one fiberglass to block. If there is no fiberglass, pregnant women should try to keep the distance from the computer screen more than 30 cm. The electric coil on the back of the computer radiates. This kind of radiation is harmful, but most people will not work behind the computer. If you have a mother who is working in a computer room, be careful to avoid working behind the computer.

                2. Mobile phone

                The radiation of mobile phones is also a tiny type. Although its effectiveness is not strong in microwave ovens, it can also cause harm to the human body. Therefore, expectant mothers should reduce the chances of using the mobile phone and try to avoid hanging the mobile phone around the waist. There is still debate about the "big radiation" of "CDMA phones and GSM phones". Therefore, no matter which mobile phone your mother uses, be careful. The most effective way to reduce cell phone radiation in daily life is to use headphones. It is best to use a radiation-proof earphone to answer the phone and try to avoid close contact with the human body.

                3. When the copier is used by the copier, the body is 30 cm away from the machine for a safe distance. Newer copiers on the market have radiant parts on the chassis, which are less harmful to the body.

                Go out

                Granite marble steps: Many people will regard the marble steps in front of the department store as a rest chair. It is not known that this granite marble is a very high-radiation material. If such a material is used for decorating in a closed room, it is likely to cause nasopharyngeal cancer or lung cancer.

                Substation, high-voltage power: Whether it is to choose a place to live or choose to play, it is best to stay away from the vicinity of the power plant and high-voltage power, nuclear power plants can not be closer.

                Aircraft: Air service personnel are most prone to miscarriage or affect the fetus during early pregnancy due to prolonged exposure to cosmic waves. Studies have indicated that a long-distance flight during pregnancy should not exceed 100 hours, so as not to affect the health of the fetus.

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