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              What are the methods for pregnant women to prevent radiation?

              TIME:2017-08-11 BROWSE:3290

                1. If the conditions permit the first 3 months of pregnancy, do not touch the computer temporarily. During the entire pregnancy, do not work continuously for a long time, every hour of work, to outdoor activities for a while.

                2, pregnant women should also pay attention to the skin to apply a safe and gentle isolation protection cream for pregnant women, so that electromagnetic radiation protection. Everyday should also use safe maternity skin care products to do skin care during pregnancy to reduce the damage to the skin from the external environment.

                3, the room pay attention to ventilation, keep the air fresh, especially in the winter, pregnant mothers do not because the weather is cold and the doors and windows are closed, in fact, this is not conducive to breathing health, rooms with computers should be well ventilated.

                4. The computer should be arranged back to back to reduce the intensity of electromagnetic radiation.

                5. A small protective apron can be used when operating the computer, so it is beneficial to make some proper protection.

                Therefore, in view of the harm of computers to pregnant women, expectant mothers should use less computers and less TV. If you have to use a computer, be careful to keep a distance from the display. In general, it is better to keep the distance from the display to a distance of 60 cm. In addition, sedentary in front of the computer will affect the blood circulation of the lower limbs of pregnant women, increase the edema of the lower extremities, and cause varicose veins of the lower extremities. The tight plots and thrilling scenes in computer games are too irritating to the fetus, so it is best for pregnant women not to play. In addition, sleeping too late in the computer can hinder the sleep and rest of the pregnant woman.

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